A Seat at the Table -2020 Exhibition at Museum of Vancouver and Chinatown

Museum exhibits are more successful when developed with a diverse range of partners and individual stakeholders. Collaborative exhibits reach wider audiences and serve their communities better. Take the 2020 exhibit A Seat at the Table – Chinese Immigration and British Columbia for example. This exhibition, presented by the Museum of Vancouver and the University of British Columbia, took form with co-curators, designers and an advisory committee which Michelle, founder of Mighty Museum, was a member.

The exhibition is also connected to a larger initiative. Throughout 2019, the Province of BC engaged in community consultations to develop a Chinese Canadian Museum. On July 16, 2020 the Province of BC announced $10 million to establish a Chinese Canadian Museum with a provincial hub in Vancouver’s Chinatown as well as multiple regional hubs and spokes throughout BC.

A Seat at the Table is an opportunity to consider the contributions that Chinese migrants and their descendants have made to British Columbia, a province built from the interaction of successive and concurrent waves of migration and uninterrupted occupation by Indigenous peoples.”  – Museum of Vancouver web page

A Seat at the Table has two locations, the Hon Hsing Building in Vancouver’s Chinatown this summer and the Museum of Vancouver this fall.