Renovating Small Museums

Whether you are embarking on a spring clean up of your museum, some small repairs or perhaps a larger renovation project, small museums are often concerned with how to secure the means to cover the costs of the changes they wish to make.

There are a multitude of ways to cover repairs and renovations.  There is a great list of available grants on the British Columbia Museums Association page

Grants are just one way to secure funding. Crowdfunding is another way. Telling a good story that will entice people to donate is essential. To learn more check out

Private donations are also important. Small museums are very connected to the communities they serve and embarking on a fundraising campaign with direct asks to identified community members is a good way to further strengthen and foster new relationships.

The 2017 exterior renovation of the museum featured below in before and after pictures, is an example of how change can infuse much needed life into your small museum. Michelle spearheaded the renovation project, framing the narrative for funding around key words such as accessibility and inclusivity. In 2020, Mighty Museum assisted this museum on their path towards an interior renovation project which will provide new flooring, lighting and an updated heating, ventilation and cooling system.

While many small museums in BC and across Canada are suffering from inadequate facilities and infrastructure, it is always a triumph to see a small museum rise up and be transformed!



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